Sunday, January 8, 2012

Macarons and Oyen

Macarons is a sweet meringue-based confectionery made with egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar,almond powder or ground almond, and food coloring. Back in 2009 I saw one of my friend in Facebook post macarons picture. During this time I studied fine art in UiTM Kelantan and I was mesmerized by these colorful and delicacy of macarons. And its hard to find macarons in Kelantan because during that time people crazy over the cupcakes. And I starting crazy over macarons since then.
Choose what flavor do you like.
In section 2 food court there's a stall offers Oyen. What is Oyen? Oyen is one of dessert that will soothing you during daylight because it is mixture of tropical fruits, like kedondong, melon, mangoes, Nata De Coco, and dragon fruits. That will cost you only RM 2.50.

The process of completing the portrait of Ziana Zain

This portrait was made as a gift to Ziana Zain during her birthday last year. It took two days to complete this portrait. It such a short time result due to Purplelicious Party was held in two days. Yes, the result is little bit disappointed. I'm so sorry my Diva. :(

Me and Ziana Zain.

What, Ziana Zain? Yes. She's my idol. For me, she's a noble person. She never acted like a superstar,but she is. The reason why Ziana Zain because she is true and humble.She is the one who is super talented, she can sing, acting, hosting, modelling, composing, mentor and on top of that, she is supermom for four children. The sweetest memories is when she hang out with ZianaFolks (Ziana Zain fans club) until 2am. With her fan base, Ziana Zain always giving us good advice and treat us not just like a friend. Ok, I will stop mumbling, now lets have some fun with Ziana Zain and I.

My artworks as a graphic design student

For this time, i wanna share some of my art works as a graphic design student. This is only parts of some of my art works.

My artworks as a fine art student

Ok. For this time, i wanna share some of my art works that i have done when I was a fine art student. This is only parts of some of my art works.
Acrylic on canvas.
Charcoal on board.
Pencil drawing.
Mix Media.

Print making.
3ds Max