Sunday, January 8, 2012

Have a nice day.

Hi! I'm Hafeez Hai. Yes. it's Hai! just like my name, I'm a person that love to meet people. I believe that while hard work is necessary, it is friends, family and good times that makes a blessed life. I'm also a lover of fashion, macarons, good music, fabulous food, art and Ziana Zain! Yes, it's true!

This blog is represented for two different reasons. First, I aim to share my interest knowledge and reading about graphic, music, art, fashion, and for sure Ziana Zain! And I will take the viewer with me on fashion pictures where I will discuss topics from all the aspects that I've mentioned above.

The second reason I am writing this blog is to give the reader an inside peek of the lifestyle of fashion photographer. Is it as glamorous as the media depicts? I will let you be the judge. And I will explore some new music that I love and share with you guys out there. As a graphic and fine art student, it will not be complete if I do not talk about these subjects as well. And as a food lover, I will reveal some fantastic information about where to find great food and my personal comments.

I welcome you to my world. This blog is for all of you: amateur, student, professional, gossip monger, groupie, fashionista and just simply fan. Whoopah!

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